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:star::skull::pirate:The newest art and to my galleries, as you might notice I draw in an anime/manga style. I perfer to draw OCs though. PS, commissions are currently open, thanks for looking .................................................. -黒い天使 :pirate::skull::star:

Random from TitanxSeiya Court Fanart

Commission Prices! And Rent me?

Kuroitenshi Logo Small by kuroitenshi13 201 completed pieces for 2013! YAY I can't believe I've reached this! / 80 (contest) for 2014!

Paypal Stamp by artist4com I love my TABLET stamp by RRRAI i love my CAMERA stamp by RRRAI

dA Stamp - Commish Open by lynkx-ie da Stamp - Art Trades Closed by lynkx-ie dA Stamp - Requests Closed by lynkx-ie

Commission Pricelist
Traditional Commission Prices: OPEN by kuroitenshi13 2013 Price List by kuroitenshi13 Your Character Reference by kuroitenshi13 Your Chibi Character Reference by kuroitenshi13

Full body - $8 + $6 for shipping the first in the USA.
Color body - $12 + $6 for shipping the first in the USA.

RENT ME ------ ONE DAY = 5 hours of work at $7 an hour
One Day - $35 / Two Days - $65 / Four Days - $130 / Six Days - $200

2013 June/July One Month Rent Me

TO DO LIST 8 Total
:star-half::star-empty::star-empty: (5 person, 4 sketched) commission for AZ
:star-half::star-empty::star-empty: :iconladytempest:'s 3rd place ?
:star::star-empty::star-empty: 3+ Pieces for Stormfaerie for SM cards.
:star-empty::star-empty::star-empty: 2 Sketches for Stephen.

:star-empty::star-empty::star-empty: special project for "it's a gamers thing"

PTX Issue 1 - 14 pages sketched.
KotW - Strip 100!!!!!
Unannounced Project 0/?… Taking donations to help keep me drawing, being an artist is my job or support by donating points:…

Note: The top row of Pixel-PEOPLE were edited by me of character that are mine, I do not claim the base, I do claim the characters, please don't take.

Possible new items for next year..what do you like? 

5 deviants said Messenger Bags $20+
3 deviants said Acrylic Keychains (1"-1 1/2") $5-8
1 deviant said Character shaped pillows (4"-8") $8-20
1 deviant said Stickers (unsure of size or price at this time)
No deviants said Want to make a suggestion? Please comment

Thee Titan, Galilean Knights and Pri.Titan

Thee Titan...
Titan  S Glow By Surlaluna by kuroitenshi13Calm Before the Storm by kuroitenshi13Titan's Dress Revisited by kuroitenshi13RC Titan and Puck by kuroitenshi13Sailor Titan II by Ysa
Galilean Knight's Titan...
Kuroitenshi  Titan Make Up Commish By Surlaluna by kuroitenshi13Reference Chibi T-Angel by kuroitenshi13Reference Chibi Titan GK by kuroitenshi13

Pri.Titan Series Art

Bookmark PriTitan Srpsd Chibi by kuroitenshi13 Bookmark Black Page Smirk Chib by kuroitenshi13 Pri Titan Logo by kuroitenshi13 Lonely Heart by kuroitenshi13 Happy Vday 2011 by kuroitenshi13 Pri Titan and the Moon by kuroitenshi13 Pri Titan - Candice Reference by kuroitenshi13 Pri Titan - Sammy Reference by kuroitenshi13

More About Muerte

Muerte Series Art Kuroitenshi Chibchibi Commish 2 By Surlaluna by kuroitenshi13Chibi Muerte by ArtistMeli

Muerte is busy by kuroitenshi13 Comparison Muerte by kuroitenshi13 Luna RENT ME Muer n Sen by kuroitenshi13 Most Improved Contest Piece by kuroitenshi13
and his wife Sen Badge Commission Sen by kuroitenshi13 Reference Comm SEN by kuroitenshi13

See more of Muerte and company:…

Sexy Muerte by kuroitenshi13 Summer Days by kuroitenshi13 Happy Birthday Muerte by kuroitenshi13
May is Muerte's birthday month~

April/May Features!!!


Dark Sky King by MariflaySailor Galaxia Cosplay by SekainSailor Astera icon by tolipeBow just for ME by IcenblueRoseI know this fragrant... by uraasaSailors Cyan and Magenta by ArtistMeliChibi Sailor Saturn by Paprika-StudiosOrion by RomanticFaeUnicorn by Penny-DragonLight by JustLexaCartoon Villains - 018 - No Heart! by CreedStonegateManila Luzon in Pink by KoriMichele011 by WeRLy

Pretty Up Your Profile by Gasara Sweet Vintage Custom Box BGs by Gasara 20 Free Mini Pixels by Gasara Where I got all my cool shine-ies~

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I :heart: STAMPS

dA Stamp - Commish Open by lynkx-ieda Stamp - Art Trades Closed by lynkx-iedA Stamp - Requests Closed by lynkx-ie
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Tom Hiddleston stamp by Vicky-RedfieldLoki laugh stamp - Tom Hiddleston by Vicky-RedfieldLoki ::I have an army:: stamp by Vicky-Redfield
Portal Stamp - Blue by SparkLumPortal Stamp - Orange by SparkLumPortal 2 Stamp by parallellogic
Aperture Sci. Lemon Researcher by SpinningStarshineP2 - MAJESTIC. by SpinningStarshineP2 - Potato Fries by SpinningStarshine
P2 - The Good Life. by SpinningStarshineP2 - Father-Son Reunion. by SpinningStarshineAperture Science Lab Rat by SpinningStarshine
INSPIRATION stamp by SerenaVerdeArtOriginal Characters Stamp by blackangelyumeDark and Cute Stamp by bezzalair
Dreams by woohooliganPirates Are Better -- Stamp by RipfangDragonStamp: Mythology by FlantsyFlan
I want you to succeed by HarmonicSonic:thumb75599638:I still want to be Sailor Moon by Violet-Grubs
pluto:STAMP: by XxdarknayruxXDrachea Stamp by lajvioOldschool Anime Fan by Rhabwar-Troll-stock
what heaven by Gryphon-HBCome on Charlie by Ocean-RainUnicorn lover stamp by unicornchick
Stamp - Beetlejuice Fan by 6v4MP1r36Vamps Don't Sparkle STAMP by kuroitenshi13Angel Stamp by deadspaceheart
Angel Stamp by MiZuInKMoonlight Stamp by HiddencryingTru Calling Stamp by Hiddencrying
Farscape Stamp 4 by ArchetypeStampsStar Trek stamp by Bourbons3Spooky Stamp by ArtistMeli
Wicked Stamp 001 by nyxincDevi Stamp by VoodoorabbitSailor Moon is Still Awesome by tennyocelestia
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thks for the llama
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Thanks for the watch!
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Thanks for the faves, love! =D
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hey thanks for the llama!
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Thanks for the llama
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Thank you for the llama!
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Hello! It's the RED Scout that stopped by with my BLU to chat and get that adult commission Saturday night. c:
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2014 Gencon Review

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 19, 2014, 12:13 PM
Wow, just wow! This con ended up being amazing as usual, at least for me. Soooo much to say, let's see if I can remember it all.

Got in Weds, got checked in, that went smoothly, thank goodness! And the ride was long because my friend needed to go grab some other people as well. XD After check in I got my stuff to the room and then headed down for my training time. Now that I needed much training they only changed a couple of little things for this year. Got my bag and coupon book after and then headed back to the room for awhile, ended up going out to a nice dinner with 2 of my friends (first time I've ever had risotto). Then I traded my part time token from last year for an item my bard can wear...not sure that was the best move, but as I never use str characters I wasn't going to use it.

Thrus I was up early and headed to the dealer's room to make sure another friend got her button order from me (it went super well from her she had 56 buttons to start and left with 13). And I walked around, picking up a few freebies and a couple of things. Said hello to some other friends who were in there and hung out with one of them for awhile. Got food and then headed to my shift. It went pretty smoothly and I sold a few badges. (Next year I'm going to have to make them Gold tokens only).

Friday I was heading over to the main part of the convention in the morning and a nice older gentleman got the door for me, then noticed my badges and thought they were great, he bought two and asked if I knew about TD. I said why yes, I'm a volunteer, but I am looking to do some runs over the weekend and he told me his son was getting ready for one right then and I should go get the ticket he was going to use, but couldn't because he had something else he had to go do. I was like, OH! OKAY! Headed over there, found the room he was in and stepped in going, "room for one more!?" and they all looked at my strangely, then I told them what happened and this guy on the end raised his hand and I was like I'll totally be your last player, I was ready to pay him but he just handed me the ticket. I'm like, okay!!! And rushed off to get checked in. They had Cleric, Paladin and Rogue classes left to choose from, since Rogue was one of the two I had some tokens for and I could play with the Rogue boxes I said, alright, I'll do that! What a fun time! I definitely want to keep that in mind for future runs. The puzzles were pretty cool though we didn't get one of them and the final room was really impressive this year in a different way than I had seen in other years. I got out, had enough time to check out the dealer's room and pick up a few more things and then head to my shift again. Mostly smooth, heh heh.

Satuday I was up at 7 to get dressed and ready for the morning shift. Things were slow, it was weird. Very very smooth though. I'm debating asking for morning shifts all next year...but at the same time I like being able to look around the dealer's room for a long time. Hmmm. Did that, running into my friends as they had an afternoon puzzle run before I got off shift. Then, afterword I checked out the dealer's room, I think, for a moment, before dropping off stuff at the room so I could be ready. Also ate some snacks. XD;;; Got over there early enough that I could be bard and when everyone showed up it was agreed we'd go Hardcore. I wasn't thrilled, but I agreed. It was a bit more stressful and I was a lot more tired, because of that I couldn't help as much as I wanted and we died in the final room. D'oh! Got out and headed straight back to the hotel to pack...and get a little sleep.

Sunday, up again at 7, very very tired by now (the whole weekend we had a loud snorer in my room.) Finished packing up, making sure I didn't leave anything behind, I checked all my spots 3 times and then headed out. Got everything put behind the desk where I was stationed and things wen't mostly smooth, especially helping out two guys get into a run together because their ticket times didn't match. Though near the very end this guy with an accent shows up and started going on and on about signing a waver in the dimly lit area. He kept saying the same thing over and over (like same sentence structure) and then would say you don't understand what I'm trying to say. Thankfully one of the higher ups showed up just then to check on us and he ended up talking to this guy for like 5 minutes. He was so standoffish and was saying that the higher up was standing to close to him and being intimidating when he was standing close to be able to hear him and he's a bigger guy and always stands that way. Eventually he signed the dang thing and thankfully he needed to be checked in for puzzle and not combat. I hope never to see him again. After that we had to clean up and pack things up, that took awhile, but I was waiting on my ride and some other people. After I finished, it was late enough to pick up my full time token and sign out. I thanked them and then waited outside, thankfully he got out and I had enough time to run over to the dealer's room and get my free die to go with the set because I hadn't found my coupon until that morning. Came back and we put my stuff in the car and went over to RAM to eat, wow, decently good food. And we talked about all sorts of TD and other things. Next year we're running together, no matter what it takes! When we finished we headed back and still had to wait around awhile till everyone got off shift. Ran into a few more people I knew, it's weird to run into anime con friends there.  XD;;; Anyways, then everyone showed up, we drove to drop them off and then me all the way back. Got in about 11-11:30pm.  Still it was a great con!

Photos coming soon.

journal skin by sihi-chan
  • Mood: Love


Halloween Reg Size Example by kuroitenshi13
Sailornimbus for Autumnembers by kuroitenshi13
REG - $20 (PM me)
This is for a digital or traditional image that will be scanned and emailed to you at original size that you may use not only as a reference but will be able to print out, use on website or anything else of your choosing.  The design is your character dressed up in a Halloween theme of your choosing, unless you do not want to think have have me pick instead.  Please have ready either photo/drawn references or a very nice text description for me to work with unless you want a lot of leniency.  These are great for references, especially any type of masquerades or Halloween parties your OC might be going to in an RP or group.

NOTE:  Point prices are different on here due to my earnings, very sorry.
Halloween Badge Example by kuroitenshi13
BADGE - $20 (PM me)
This is for a digital or traditional image that will be laminated into a badge you can wear, this price includes a badge clip, laminated badge and shipping within the USA.  The design is your character dressed up in a Halloween theme of your choosing, unless you do not want to think have have me pick instead.  Please have ready either photo/drawn references or a very nice text description for me to work with unless you want a lot of leniency.  These are great to show your OC pride at events and conventions.

NOTE:  Point prices are different on here due to my earnings, very sorry. Change in price because the badge size is now actually LARGER.
Halloween Chibi Example by kuroitenshi13
Your Chibi Character Reference by kuroitenshi13
Halloween Chibi Commission Embers by kuroitenshi13
CHIBI - $6 (PM me)
 This is for your character dressed up in some kind of Halloween theme of your choosing, unless you do not want to think have have me pick instead.  Please have ready either photo/drawn references or a very nice text description for me to work with unless you want a lot of leniency.  These are digital, but great use for reference and will print out on a printer to about 2" before becoming pixelated.

NOTE:  Point prices are different on here due to my earnings, very sorry.


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