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×… With the help of #5flavorpins we have a couple of backers so far. Hope this will continue. All I ask is you check out, if it isn't for you, maybe take a moment to pass it a long so more people can see it. This is only going to be up for two weeks, so time will be key.

As for everything else going on, being home 4 days a week and gone 3 has really limited me getting anything done. That being said, I do have everything written down and I'm trying to tackle things as I can. Thanks to everyone that continues to look at my stuff and faves or comments. I do read and look at everything I can, though it will probably be Nov when I catch up on seeing what other people post.
Hey. Sorry not a lot of updates lately. I mean more art, but not much else. I am around-ish. I only get about a day or so on the computer at the moment because I'm gone 3 full days for my fall job starting tomorrow. Last weekend I happened to be super busy with work stuff and a couple of other things. I haven't forgotten art stuff. Just don't think I'll get much done today. I hope everyone is doing well and I'm trying to refine my to do lists so that I can get more done in a more timely manner.
So yes, I won't be around the rest of this week. I'll be at Gencon. Hope y'all have a good weekend and when I get back hopefully I'll be able to get my last few commissions done and work on some new things. 10 of the wands are up there for sale. Wondering if I should include more photos and if so what types of photos?

So, went to Cedar Point yesterday with my bro. We had a wonderful time, but I'm sore and exhausted today. That being said tomorrow I will be hitting art hard as I'm running out of time on my commissions. I may also have a new one coming in the next day or so.

I also want to try and get a few other pieces done, especially before Ohayocon opens again.

After Gencon in the middle of next month I will try and continue to work on art (and wands if those are successful online) while also gearing up for Halloweekends. I'm excited at the possibilities for this year. Maybe I can find more joy in it again. Hoping we have more people in my house.
I still check this place out about every other day, though my deviations have stacked up I haven't had the chance to catch up at looking at stuff in probably 2 months. Just been not at the comp and when I am I'm trying hard to work on a little bit of art or it's been one of the two projects I've been cleaning up for Miss Dream. Anyways, I wanted to say that I've been working on more crafty stuff, like wands. If anyone wants to see them I'll post them up. Trying to clean up the images as I can't seem to do it right.

Also, after years of complaining I got an Instagram: kuroitenshi13 on there.
While that is going on items start closing in 6 hours.

I'll be up at Motorcitycon, if you happen to be going, please stop by and say hello. I'll be helping out OOAK Crafts. I'm hoping to maybe still get some art done. *hugs*

Thank you so much to all of the new people that looked at the busts I posted up last night, it means a lot to me.

Because I'm gone all weekend I will not be able to check anything on here until Sunday night/Monday.
Things here haven't been going well. I'm doing what I can to make ends meet, and that means I'm looking to ebay. I know, not one of the best options, but I need to sell some items as I'm going to come up short for this month.

If you have a moment please go see what I have, best if you live in the USA, if you don't please contact me as the international shipping part of ebay is hard for me to work with. I have changed 1 auction so far, everything else is in this weird none or some global program thing.

If you can't get anything, maybe just share the link? Thank you. And oh boy do I miss core. I was trying to hang on to that last journal for as long as I could.

619 Shuto review, Animarathon and Core Membership

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 20, 2017, 9:23 AM
So, please please please help me out my core membership is almost up (2 days left apparently)

2017 Traditional Commission Prices by kuroitenshi13 Commissions are open, and I think I might be changing my digital prices soon. Thank you so much.

So, Shutocon! Drove up their Thrus, that was nice and compact. Setting up took longer than usual, but mainly because I was really trying to figure out the placement of things. [Photo of table will be up soon.] Got to relax and hang out with a couple of other artist friends afterward and try and get some sleep...that didn't go well because our room heater worked far too well and we all melted.

Friday got to the con with plenty of time and got to chat a bit, my friends and helper showed up and con began. People asked a lot of questions about my dolls which I enjoyed, I hope a few of them contact me if they have more questions. Sales well, those weren't so great that day. I hope to blame it completely on the fact it was Friday and also we had insane weather, I didn't get to see it, but I hear it rain which switched to hail which switched to snow and then back to rain. Crazy~ After the alley closed we had dinner at our traditional Shuto stop, a local sushi place, with the best Tarro milktea. From there we called it a night and relaxed back at the room with the heat off, the room was comfortable but as the night went on it got a bit too chilly for me.

Saturday the weather was looking a bit more normal, and we saw some crowds, I was pleased to sell some more items and I got 2 commissions. Sort of wished I had gotten more, but people didn't seem as interested in that. [Those will also be posted up soon.] I was super excited to sell a necklace (I almost never sell the jewelry) oh and a TON of the keychains, I'm like wait...WHAT? Two people at different times stopped by and bought over 10. That has never happened before. So cool there. Also credit card sales were up, so glad for my square. I had almost no problems. Midday we had a mini BJD meet up which there was all of 4 of us, but that's okay. We still had fun chatting and asking questions. [Photo of all the dolls will go here.] When the room closed for the night we gathered a few more people, all artists and we headed down the road to the PHO place from last year. SO WORTH IT! Amazing. Though oddly enough Meg and I both didn't get a fortune in our cookie at the end of the meal. WHAT DOES IT MEAN!!!!!! When we got back to the room we kicked the heat to 1 which was the lowest it could go on heat and the room seemed pretty good to me. I think I slept the best that night, but won't know until I check my fitbit.

Sunday I was still concerned I wouldn't make enough to return to the con, so I put up a sign letting people know they would need to buy from me if they wanted to see me back the next year. I don't know how much that actually helped or not but crunching number I did in fact make enough to return. HAZZAH! For the first time in what seems like forever I didn't buy anything at the con, but I did do one trade with a friend, yay! I need to figure out where I'll put those items. And I walked around to about 2/3s the alley. It was hard because it was mostly to catch up with the artists I did know. For those of you that stopped by or caught me, thank you! It was a wonderful time and I love coming to this convention and hope I'll be able to come back for years. *smiles*

A little extra note, I learned more about my phone and what never to do when the battery gets low. XD;;; I gave myself nearly a heartattack with it.

This coming Saturday I'll be at a more local one day con called Animarathon. If you're going I'll be under OOAKCRAFTS, she's letting me buy one of her table spaces. Have a good week everyone!

618 Traditional Comms and March

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 26, 2017, 9:41 AM
Nearly March. Feb has been alright, I got to spend a couple of days with my BF, a got my next BJD (photos are coming), and I've completely gotten back to traditional art.

2017 Traditional Commission Prices by kuroitenshi13 I am taking commissions. $3 shipping in the USA, but you will have the made for you piece instead of just a scanned version which I can only make match so much. It would be great if I got a few more of these. If anyone is going to Shutocon or Animarathon a meet could be arranged which would cut out shipping.

I'm trying to save up for not only supplies, but bills and a better camera for which to take better photos with. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

And super thanks to everyone that took a moment to read this and/or help me out.


journal skin by sihi-chan

647 Birthday!

Thu Jan 12, 2017, 10:08 AM

A year older and hopefully a year wiser. Probably won't be getting any gifts, but that's alright. I do thank everyone who left a comment, I do like those a lot.

A got another comic up today, so that's something and having dinner tonight with a couple of family members.

*snuggles everyone*

........................Down here to make sure the text isn't screwed up, up there.

Artwork by kuroitenshi13

Skin by Kalisama



646 Sketch Commissions for 5USD

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 7, 2017, 7:56 AM
If anyone is interested I am currently taking sketch commissions for a little extra money. I prefer OCs, though Sailormoon is still acceptable. I got two already you can check out, and 1-2 more when people decide who they want.

Also, legging orders are closed, thanks to the few people that were able to help me out on that. There were not enough for me to have them at cons this year, so please note that. It's a shame too because those are my best item.

What might you want to see more fro me this year?

journal skin by sihi-chan
Help me out, please get the word out that I'm taking preorders for BOTH my legging designs. I need at least 12-14 orders to have 1 of EACH SIZE available at conventions. So twice as many to have 2 of EACH and so on. It really isn't very much, but the sizes are important.


Please contact me if you're interested as I'll need your name/address/paypal. Shipping could take up to 6 weeks. Please please please, help me out! This is one of my best selling items and I'd love to have it available to more people.

NEW! After many hours I made an indiegogo for help… Please check it out and share.
I'm trying desperately to work through this depression. Which means I really need to sell some of my work. As I hope you all know I have buttons and badges and prints and posters and jewelry and keychains and all sorts of items. I need to come up with $30 in the next day or two. Anyone that buys from me will automatically get a Christymas/holiday card which I'm about half done on. And some freebies. Please please please please help me out. (I also can't have commissions open right now). But everything else is 15% off from now through Dec. Thank you for reading. If you have any questions or interested comment or Note.
I'm really feeling at the end for my art career. I can't sell anything anymore, and it is of course when I really need the money. But I'm constantly fighting with myself to sit down and actually get something done. People say I'm good, but then they walk away. I need help. I need so much help. I'm very depressed and stressed and I hate myself. I don't know what will get done besides the commissions I've already promised to people. I only have 2 cons for sure next year and can't sign up for more. I'M NOT GOOD ENOUGH AND I HATE MYSELF EVEN MORE FOR IT!
Sorry everyone. Between having to clean up all of my crap in the livingroom. Then tearing up carpet, subfloor, and other stuff, getting new stuff put down AND still waiting on the new floor itself, and Halloweekends every weekend I've had zero time for other things. I finally after weeks got another commission done. I'm hoping they like it, it's for a very important True Dungeon token. Worth it. Anyways. So, as you may also notice my subscription lapsed and I have not the points to get it again, nor the money. So, it may be awhile before I do much on here again. Sorry about that. If I could sell some things it would help. Again, sorry everyone. Too many changes at once.
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641 Sad and Tired

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 7, 2016, 6:52 AM
I wanted to update everyone. I found out a couple of days ago that I was waitlisted for Ohayocon. Pray that enough people drop that I am able to go. I really need the income.

For the past 1-2 months I've been working on removing all of my stuff from the living and dining room areas. We're having new subflooring and flooring put in which is very well needed. But it has me exhausted and behind with everything.

I want to ask any of you if you're be interested in commissions for Halloween/Fall icons. I did them some years ago, well I want to bring them back and make them even better. More details hopefully after the weekend.

Weekends I have also been gone for my seasonal fall job. As some of you may have noticed from the photos I've posted recently. 3 more weekends to go.

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640 Broken

Thu Aug 11, 2016, 11:15 AM

Everything is just too much at the moment. Seems I got sick again, I was just sick last week. I'm sore from yesterday which doesn't help while being sick. But the big thing. My website is gone. Never again will I have I can't afford to buy it from the auction site it's gone to. *sighs* I didn't know that would happen, or I would have tried to deal with all the website stuff sooner. 14 years I had that site. Now I have to start all over, I do have some of the pages, but not all of them.

Also, I'm out even a bit more money. So, any help by buying some items from me would be more than a little appreciated, you'll also get gifts. More you buy the more you save.

If you want to see the page I put up, as it's the only things up there now. I have no idea what all will go back up. I'm going to go cry now.


Artwork by kuroitenshi13

Skin by Kalisama


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639 Where I've been and what's happening next

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 24, 2016, 7:27 AM
Hey everyone. I want to apologize for  lack of updates of any sort. The best way I can described this is I've been going nonstop since Colossalcon. Between having a con last weekend, relatives in town, and work on top of that I've gotten nothing done and sadly probably won't be able to get anything else done until after Glasscitycon next month.

I owe people commissions, so I will be getting to those first, especially the ones I got at Colosasl. Then working backwards. And hopefully for next year I'll be able to have all kinds of new items. Maybe I'll be able to get to stories. I actually have an idea for another children's book. I do need to print more of those out for Glass.

The next 2-4 weeks is going to be very hard on me and my family. I don't want to get into details, but please pray for my mother. Thank you.

Hopefully I'll be able to get my life in order and start getting art done again. Thank you to everyone that is still taking time to watch, comment, favorite and keep in contact with me. I love you all.

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638 Indypop Con

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 16, 2016, 5:26 AM

Colossal went super well, I'll actually talk about that one and this one coming up after this weekend. I've been very busy cleaning up the house for family coming into town as well as prepping for Indypop. If you're going you'll have to look for me with Ooakcrafts in the Artist area. Have a good weekend! Sorry I don't have much to say at the moment, it's been a good kind of busy.

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637 Colosalcon a comin'

Mon May 30, 2016, 3:43 PM

It's that time of year again, next weekend is Colossal and I will be there in the AA. I hope anyone going will be sure to stop by and sell hello. I also hope to spend some time with friends outside of AA hours. I will have lots of Grab bags and all my new items. I'm trying to figure out what item I'll have for the raffle. Art? A used  official item? Suggestions?

I'm really excited, I'm also looking for any BJD people that will be there to show me their dolls. I'll have Kuroitenshi, Derry and Alice with me. As well as some BJD items I've made for sale.

Lastly I plan on bringing some items for the flea market on Sunday, I just hope I get it right this time. I have so many items I need to go and ebay did not help that.

Do people like Titan's new look? I'm pleased with it and I hope over the summer to actually get some real work done on her manga. It's hard though because I'm battling allergies hard this year and I'm constantly being bombarded by them as we have no A/C. I am taking two kind of allergy related stuff and it's not enough.

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